Vision Correction

Simplify your life and change the way you see the world.

Why Can't I See?

When we see, light enters the eye and is bent by the cornea and the lens and focuses on the retina. If the light does not focus correctly, the image seen appears blurry.

 The four most commons types of refractive errors are:

  • Myopia: difficulty seeing far away objects
  • Hyperopia: difficulty seeing objects up close
  • Astigmatism: blurred vision at all distances
  • Presbyopia: aging of natural lens resuling in difficulty seeing close up

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How Does Vision Correction Surgery Work?

Refractive surgery, or vision correction surgery, works either by changing the shape of the cornea (Laser Vision Correction) or using an implantable lens to change the focusing power of the eye. With our suite of services, patients have access to the most advanced vision correction technology available and the confidence that they will have the procedure that is the best fit for them. 



LASIK (Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis) is the most well known laser vision correction procedure. 



SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is the newest form of laser vision correction. It is a bladeless and flapless procedure.



PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is the first generation of laser vision correction.


Implantable lens procedure

RLE involves removing your natural lens and replacing it with an advanced-technology lens implant. It is an excellent option for patients that need reading glasses.


Implantable lens procedure

The Visian ICL is an additive vision correction procedure – the lens works with your eye to enhance and sharpen vision. 

Clear and Transparent Pricing

The outcome of vision correction surgery is determined by more than the procedure. The expertise and technology that go into determining the treatment plan, the patient education, and the follow-up care are equally as important as the actual surgery. The cost of eye surgery at FEI includes these steps and the time needed to complete them.

With our new clear and transparent pricing, there is no negotiating or bargaining. Let your vision correction journey be about helping you live a life without glasses and contacts – not haggling for the lowest cost eye surgery.

All prices shown are PER EYE

*Monthly pricing is based on a 24-month no-interest payment plan through CareCredit. We also offer 12-month no-interest financing, and fixed rate plans for up to 48 months for qualified applicants. 

**If needed, a YAG Capsulotomy is included at no cost to the patient for 12 months following your procedure. Insurance will be billed. 

One-Time Payment
Monthly (24 mo/no interest)*



Mild Correction

Moderate Correction

High Correction


Standard ICL
Toric ICL


Multifocal Lens

Toric Lens

Monofocal Lens