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Konrad Filutowski, MD

Konrad Filutowski, MD

What is the True Cost of Contact Lens Intolerance on Your Wallet?

Contact Lens Intolerance, the inability to wear contact lenses without pain, has many different causes, such as allergies, ill-fitting lenses, and improper lens care. But there’s one aspect of Contact Lens Intolerance that can make it even more painful—the cost of contacts and all the supplies that go with them.


How Much Does It Really Cost to Wear Contacts?

Of the estimated 45 million contact lens wearers in the United States, 90% use soft contact lenses. Bi-weekly disposable lenses cost, on average, about $220 to $260 a year. Daily disposable lenses cost around $480 to $720 for a year on average. Adding in the cost of contact lens solution and cleaners brings the total up an extra $150 to $200 annually. Together, those supplies (lenses and solution) can add up to anywhere from $370 to $920 a year. On top of that, contact lens wearers must get an annual eye exam to renew their prescription. Without insurance, this costs around $200.


So, how much do contact lenses really cost? From the time a contact lens wearer is 21 years old to the time they are 60 years old, between $22,230 to $43,680 will have been spent on contact lenses and any accompanying supplies. The cost of backup glasses to wear at night or when your eyes get irritated isn’t even included in this estimate.


It can be hard to tell what the true cost of contact lenses is when it’s being paid in small payments over a long period of time, but the costs really add up.


And let’s not forget the complications that can arise from wearing contact lenses. If you don’t follow a strict regimen of thoroughly and frequently cleaning your lenses, your eyes can become irritated and inflamed. This can lead to Contact Lens Intolerance and not being able to wear your contact lenses without undergoing pain and discomfort. You risk even greater health concerns as well, like ulcerated eyes.


Eliminate Contact Lens Intolerance and Save Money Too!

Not only can SMILE laser vision correction get rid of your Contact Lens Intolerance by entirely eliminating your need for contacts, but it can also save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Savings can start to be realized as soon as within five years.


So, how much does SMILE cost? It may seem to be expensive at first glance, but when you take into consideration the annual expense for contacts, it is actually quite affordable.


As you begin to see just how convenient it is to have SMILE done, we can help you figure out your payment plan. Most patients choose to finance their treatment and make monthly payments as low as $100 per month, which is just over $3 a day. If your employer offers a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Spending Account, this can help to offset some of the cost of the procedure. These allow you to use pre-tax dollars to get your SMILE procedure done and get rid of Contact Lens Intolerance for good! On average, a Health Savings Account can save you around 22% on your treatment.


SMILE laser vision correction is quick, taking less than 10 minutes to complete. The procedure is very safe and the healing is fast with very minimal recovery time, making it obvious why it is becoming the new standard in laser vision correction and a great choice to eliminate your Contact Lens Intolerance. To learn more about contact lens intolerance or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 800-393-3926 or click here.


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