CLI Can Lead to Bigger Health Concerns

CLI health concerns

Contact Lens Intolerance is Leading People to Transform Their Vision Millions of people undergo pain and discomfort whenever they wear their contact lenses. Many of these people suffer through a condition known as Contact Lens Intolerance, in which their eyes develop an intolerance to contact lenses and they are unable to wear them without enduring […]

Eliminate CLI, Save Money Too!

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What is the True Cost of Contact Lens Intolerance on Your Wallet? Contact Lens Intolerance, the inability to wear contact lenses without pain, has many different causes, such as allergies, ill-fitting lenses, and improper lens care. But there’s one aspect of Contact Lens Intolerance that can make it even more painful—the cost of contacts and […]

Welcome Ariana Diamond, MD!

Dr. Ariana Diamond

We are excited to announce our recent addition to the Filutowski Eye Institute Team of Ophthalmologist – Ariana Diamond MD. Dr. Diamond went to the University of Alabama School of Medicine for her doctorate of medicine and has recently completed her ophthalmology residency at Saint Louis University in St. Louis Missouri. Her mentors have complimented […]

Seasonal Allergies’ Impact on CLI

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Allergies and Contact Lens Intolerance Contact Lens Intolerance, or CLI, is a condition where the eye is unable to tolerate wearing contact lenses due to pain and irritation. The effects of CLI can be short-term, as a result of temporary environmental conditions such as pollen and other allergens, or long-term, causing contact lens wearers to […]

Do You Suffer From Contact Lens Intolerance?

Contact Lens Problems

Don’t Let Contact Lens Intolerance Cloud Your Vision More than 61% of Americans need help to see clearly. Over 45 million achieve this by wearing contact lenses. Unfortunately, nearly 5 million contact lens wearers, suffer from a little-known condition called CLI, or Contact Lens Intolerance. For those living with contact lens intolerance, it means pain, […]

Your Health and Safety Are Our Number One Priority

Re-Opening After Lockdown

To Our Valued Patients: We are continuing to follow CDC guidance on COVID-19 to best protect our patients and staff. As you enter the building, you will be asked to adhere to our safety protocols which are as follows: All unvaccinated patients are required to wear a mask while inside our facilities unless asked to […]

What is Contact Lens Intolerance or CLI?

What is Contact Lens Intolerance or CLI

Do you struggle with the pain and irritation of wearing contact lenses daily? You are not alone. According to a study conducted in 2016, there is an estimated 45 million people in the United States that wear contact lenses (1); and about 11% of this statistic develop some form of contact lens intolerance or CLI. […]

Welcome Siripong Rojanasthien, MD!

Dr Rojanasthien

We are excited to announce our recent addition to the Filutowski Eye Institute Team of Ophthalmologist– Siripong Rojanasthien MD.   Dr. Rojanasthien was born and raised in Thailand and moved to the United States after graduating from middle school. His drive to pursue medicine and ophthalmology came after accepting a position as a technician at […]

Welcome Gustavo Munguba, MD!

Gustavo Munguba, MD!

We are pleased to announce the addition of ophthalmologist Gustavo Munguba, MD to the Filutowski Eye Institute. Dr. Munguba is a graduate of the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine.  He completed his general surgery internship at the University of Miami and an ophthalmology residency at University Hospitals Eye Institute. Dr. Munguba is fluent in English […]

Re-Opening After COVID-19 Lockdown: A Message to Our Patients

Re-Opening After Lockdown

To our valued patients: Our offices are open again! We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and CDC guidance on how to best protect the health and well-being of our patients and staff. We are taking the following precautions: Restricting entry into our buildings to those with high temperatures (temperature readings are taken at the […]