Lasik Eyes in Orlando

Thank you for wanting to learn more about our exclusive High Definition LASIK.

The majority of our patients come to us after being referred by patients who have had High Definition LASIK and are thrilled with their new vision. We continue to hear:

"WOW!" "AMAZING!" "Why did I wait?" and "This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!"

The following information will help you in understanding the many aspects that make our High Definition LASIK the procedure of choice for so many.

After having had their own LASIK procedure with us, some of our patients say, "Now I can see in High Definition!" That is why we call the LASIK that we provide at Filutowski Cataract & LASIK Institute - High Definition LASIK!

LASIK is a two-step process. In the first step, our doctors create a small hinged flap on the cornea. In the second step, the flap is moved aside to allow for reshaping of the cornea to correct refractive errors.

In the first step, many doctors still use a traditional hand-held surgical instrument with a blade called a microkeratome. Dr. Filutowski and Dr. Dempsey use the Femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap. The Femtosecond laser gives them unprecedented control over the flap’s consistency and thickness, and it has a superior record of accuracy, safety, precision and reduced complications compared to the microkeratome. Dr. Filutowski and Dr. Dempsey have been using the Femtosecond laser technology since June 2002. They were the first surgeons in Florida (and the 15th in the world) to offer their patients this blade-free option for LASIK. They have trained other surgeons to use this technology.

In a process that takes less than 15 seconds, the Femtosecond laser delivers short pulses of light to a precise point within the central layer of the cornea. Each pulse of the laser creates a microscopic bubble of carbon dioxide and water. Instead of using a hand-held surgical blade, thousands of these microscopic bubbles are precisely positioned to create a flap of the exact diameter and thickness for the individual patient. The doctor then lifts the flap aside to begin the second step, reshaping the cornea.

The second step of LASIK corrects the refractive error of the eye. For years, LASIK could only correct standard prescriptions used for glasses or contact lenses. Today, with Wavefront technology, an advancement that Dr. Filutowski and Dr. Dempsey have been using since July 2003, they are able to detect and potentially correct more than just standard prescriptions. They can identify tiny visual imperfections called higher-order aberrations that are individual to each and every eye. Until the advent of Wavefront technology, it was not possible to measure or correct these visual imperfections.

We also have the ability to utilize Iris Registration technology. The beautiful portion of your eye, the iris, is unique to each individual eye. The unique patterns on your iris are already used to identify people for security purposes. Iris Registration helps to align the laser treatment and may improve the outcome for some patients.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to examine your eyes. We obtain highly accurate measurements that ensure very precise surgical outcomes. During the evaluation process we perform a test that scans of the front of the eye and generates a 3D model of the cornea and the lens. We look for microscopic imperfections that can be corrected with Lasik that cannot be corrected with glasses or soft contact lenses.

One of the comments we hear frequently from our patients after LASIK is,       "I feel that I now have High Definition Vision!" Aside from determining surgical candidacy, the exam that we perform is a comprehensive evaluation of the overall health status of the eyes. We also employ a hi-tech device that can measure and create high definition, 3D images of the retina and the optic nerve.

It is important to note that LASIK is a surgical procedure, and with all surgical procedures, it involves some risk. You can learn more about risks and benefits of LASIK by going to, and then search: LASIK.

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