Filutowski Cataract Surgery Orlando

Top Ten Reasons To Have Cataract Surgery Performed by Dr. Filutowski

1. Dr. Filutowski is the first and most experienced laser cataract surgeon in Central Florida.

2. Dr. Filutowski is one of Central Florida’s most experienced cataract surgeons, with more than 37,000 procedures performed.

3. Dr. Filutowski’s reputation for excellence is far reaching. Patients, their families and friends have come from around the world specifically to have cataract surgery with Dr. Filutowski.

4. Since 1989, Dr. Filutowski has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of South Florida, training new resident doctors in eye surgery. Additionally, Dr. Filutowski trains eye surgeons from around the globe in cataract surgery.

5. Dr. Filutowski utilizes the latest, most advanced specialized instruments to analyze and optimize the outcome of every cataract procedure.

6. Dr. Filutowski is the only ophthalmologist to privately own two Florida Licensed Ambulatory Surgical Centers offering his patients the highest level of safety for their cataract surgery.

7. Dr. Filutowski is continually updating his skills and knowledge to offer his patients the latest advancements in eye care.

8. Dr. Filutowski has personally selected all members of the Cataract Team to ensure the greatest patient care and comfort through every step of the cataract surgery process.

9. Dr. Filutowski is Ivy League educated and is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist.

10. Dr. Filutowski has been in private practice in Central Florida for over 24 years and is dedicated to the pursuit of Excellence in Eye Care.

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